An aldis lamp and heliograph simulator.

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New SuperAldis 3.0 !

After seeing a documentary about WW2 and convoys, I was impressed of the skills of the Aldis lamp operators.
Since I know Morse code I tried to read the code, this was harder than I thought.
I searched Internet for any software based Aldis lamp / Heliograph simulators, but could not find any.
So I decided to make one on my own. Here it is, absolutely free (gratis). It's called Superaldis.
You can use to program to improve your skills or even more fun,

use the computer screen as an Heliograph or an aldis lamp
to communicate with another user.
(Remember to adjust the screen contrast and brightness for higher light emission).
Older CRT screens work best, they are faster and brighter.
If you are using a LCD screen, the newer the beater (faster update frequency).

Updated from 2.3 to 3.0 @ 8 Jan. 2008 :

Download SuperAldis 3.0 (zip file)

Download SuperAldis 3.0 (exe file)

New features on Super Aldis 3.0 :

Regulate speed with WPM.
In the older SuperAldis the speed was a bit tricky to adjust, now you can
just set the speed in WPM (words per minute) speed directly.
There is a separate setting for the spacing speed (WPM).
Usually the spacing speed should be the same as the word speed, but for learning
It' s a good advice to set this to 1 or 2.

More accurate timing.
SuperAldis is now adjusted to the 1:3:7 standard.
measured using the word "Paris".
Sending 6 words in a minute (paris paris paris paris paris paris) should be accurate on most systems.

Use Caps Lock or Num Lock LED to display or blink.
At first this seems just like a funny gimmick, but remember that many screens and graphic cards can be slow.
Using the keyboard LED vill give you a clear and distinct light source that resembles an aldis lamp from the distance.
If you have the time you can change one of the LED's with a strong white LED.

If you intend to use a stronger LED or lamp, horn or heliograph instead of the LED, you
will need to use a fast relay between the keyboard LED and the device.
Also remember to turn of Caps Lock and/or NumLock before you start.

Knock on wood.
After a request from a Pilot school in Italy.
You can also have a click sound when the lamp starts to illuminate, in order to mimic the relay sound.
You can also use this feature if you want to train on learning to receive Morse if some one is trying to send Morse code
by knocking on wood ! ! !

Network communication.
Use this feature if you want to communicate across a network (LAN; WAN or Internet).

Just select "Network" at the main menu.
In the Network QSO menu turn on the receiver.
If AutoPlay is selected, SuperAldis will automatically start to send any incoming messages as Morse code.
Under Local IP, your local IP address is shown, that is the address any one who want to send a message to
the SuperAldis running on your computer, should enter in the "Remote IP" in the transmit field.
To send the message you need to push "Send" and any note written in the empty field will be sent.
If you want to do this across Internet, you need to enter the remote Internet IP address, and also
Setup your firewall / router to route incoming messages on port 1001 (Default).

Download older SuperAldis 2.3 (.zip file)

Because of delay in many computer screens, it's recommended to use the "micro" size setting when training
at higher speeds !

Want to learn Morse code by the ear (sound) ?
Try UltraMorse, a 100 % gratis program.

Good luck !

LB5KE, Jørn Stadskleiv.

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